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Sayfrom is an automated interactive navigation website

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Users can upload their own videos or share the link to the video and convert it into a post


Upload photos you like, or use the funny GIF provided on the site


Welcome to tell us your cooperation proposal or suggestion!


You can share the post with map information, and website can also share the detailed location to you during the navigation

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Common Problem

The following are frequently asked questions from users

-Is there any way to login?

Currently, third-party logins for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Line, Yahoo, Amazon and default Email logins are provided.

- What should I do if I find that the system answer is not good enough?

The main functions of SayFrom
Is by sharing multimedia posts to the system
The system responds to the user with appropriate posts
If it is found that the post does not meet the requirements
You can wait for the author to reply more suitable posts

- Are there restrictions on the content?

Our guide channel will be carefully evaluated whether it is suitable for public viewing. In principle, we refuse to publish violent, pornographic, or dangerous, illegal content.

If you find relevant content, you can also use the report function to let us know! Our system will delete inappropriate content as soon as possible!

- Cases suitable for sayfrom automatic interactive navigation function.

All walks of life are welcome

-Is it safe to use this system?

Basically there is no most secure system, but in terms of security, we still try our best to do basic protection such as https, password protection, etc. also remember to confirm the URL is the end of when enter password, in case of phishing website.

-What is the goal of your website?

We hope to become a high-quality multimedia guided tour platform that serves the public.


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