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How SayFrom works

Share once, and the system will help guide the follow-up related questions.


Log in to the website and interact with specific pages for navigation

Can post multimedia or text to interact


Sharing system related posts

Share your favorite pictures or video posts in the system


The system shares your posts

Next time the website encounters related searches, will share your posts with other users

Easy UI Interface

User interacts with specific tour

Sayfrom is an automated interactive navigation website

Sayfrom has many types of guided tours, such as: beauty, hilarious, movie lines, idioms, poems, cats, cats, dogs, local food, baby moms, workplace coping, etc. When users feel that they don’t like these guide club posts When writing, you can share your favorite post conversations to the guide club.


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Post content

social software style ui interface


Users can upload their own videos or share the link to the video and convert it into a post


Upload photos you like, or use the funny GIF provided on the site


Users can plan a multi-choice vote, which appears during the navigation process. Others can also vote for you


You can share the post with map information, and website can also share the detailed location to you during the navigation

About SayFrom

Taiwan Startup

Sayfrom was established on January 12, 2020, and was created by Sayfrom's internal programming engineers. The first version can only be used with a web browser to login. It is an entrepreneurial project from Taiwan programmers' interests.

Currently headquartered in Taipei, if you are also interested in the automated guided interactive system, welcome to join us.

Common Problem

The following are frequently asked questions from users

-Is there any way to login?

Currently, third-party logins for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Line, Yahoo, Amazon and default Email logins are provided.

- What if I find that the chatbot answers negative or indecent sentences?

The main function of sayfrom
Is by sharing the answer post to the chatbot
this mechanism let community to decide what is in line with social human values
Good reply posts will naturally be liked and shared
Bad posts can even be blocked with report posts!

sayfrom will do its best to block some inappropriate posts
Although the Internet environment is sometimes difficult to completely avoid seeing negative topics in the first place
Currently sayfrom except for reviewed internally
it can also be review by the community. As long as someone report a post , we will try to exclude it!

- Who is not suitable to use the sayfrom automatic navigation interactive function?

Suppose you are feeling very melancholy and feeling very down
It is not recommended that you use the SayFrom function at the first time
Because in the Internet environment, although we will check the posts
But it is difficult to completely eliminate the words of some sour people in the first place
So in this situation, the better option,
Sayfrom will suggest you first seek professional assistance from social welfare agencies or psychologists!
will have more professional people who can listen and accompany you and understand your situation
If you feel better afterwards, we are always welcome you come back and share useful posts to chatbot, help more people ^_^

- Cases suitable for sayfrom automatic interactive navigation function.

All walks of life are welcome

-Is it safe to use this system?

Basically there is no most secure system, but in terms of security, we still try our best to do basic protection such as https, password protection, etc. also remember to confirm the URL is the end of when enter password, in case of phishing website.

-What is the goal of your website?

We hope to become a high-quality multimedia guided tour platform that serves the public.


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